How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

A routine bathroom cleaning can stop germs from spreading and potentially causing infection or illness. Germs can linger on surfaces for up to seven days, so when you clean your bathroom, you're keeping your family healthy. A spotless bathroom not only keeps germs at bay but also reduces stress.

You can use your bathroom as a place to relax and unwind if it is neat and clean. A hot bath in a spotless bathroom will probably be more soothing than one in a cluttered or dirty room. Deciding how frequently your bathroom should be cleaned depends on how often you use your bathroom.

For instance, cleaning the sink and toilet bowl more frequently is necessary if there are four people living in the same house and only one bathroom. To determine which areas of your bathroom require attention in between your weekly deep cleaning schedule, have a look at the advice on how to clean your bathroom below.

How Often Should You Clean Your Shower?

The shower should be a priority during a deep clean. To make any filth or mildew easier to remove from the surface of your shower, you should first dampen the area with water and then spray or apply your cleaner of choice to the shower head, faucets, and floor. After allowing your cleaner to soak for at least five minutes, give it a good scrub with a brush or sponge.

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You might want to use a squeegee to dry the shower walls and door to avoid streaks, soap scum, or water damage. They say a dry shower is a clean shower

How Often Should You Clean the Toilet?

You can get away with cleaning the toilet once a week if you live alone. If you have children or share the bathroom with multiple people, clean your toilet by wiping the outside, handle, and seat with an antibacterial cleanser or disinfecting wipes once a day.

Scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner at least once a week to remove stains. To help prevent the spread of bacteria, you should keep the lid closed before flushing. Regular cleaning will make the deep cleaning process easier.

How Often Should You Clean the Bathroom Floor?

Cleaning up spills as they happen and sweeping your bathroom's tiled or laminate flooring once a week will help keep them free of dirt and debris. If it's not too dirty, you don't necessarily need to mop the bathroom floors every week.

However, you might want to think about using a disinfecting wipe or hydrogen peroxide solution more frequently to sanitize the area around the toilet.

Cropped image of someone wearing yellow gloves using a sponge to deep clean a toilet

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom Sink and Counters?

You should wipe your counters and bathroom sink frequently. They are easy places for bacteria from the toilet or your hands to collect. Spray a non-toxic, multi-surface cleaning solution into a dry sink, making sure to also cover the faucets and handles. Fill your sink with a few inches of hot water and dish detergent if there is any toothpaste or other difficult-to-remove messes.

Close the drain in your sink and leave the cleaner in place for a few minutes. This helps fade stains from hard water and makes things like dried toothpaste easier to remove. Use a simple disinfectant and microfiber or paper towel to clean off your sink and countertops every few days.

How Often Should You Wash Towels and Bath Mats?

Bath towels and hand towels can harbor bacteria if left damp for an extended period. Always make sure hand towels get hung up properly after being used. Bath towels should be changed at least once a week, especially if you shower daily, to avoid any fungus, bacteria, and funky smells.

Bath mats are similar to towels, as they’re there to absorb water and dirt. Washing your bath mat once a week is a good rule of thumb to keep your feet and your floors clean. You can do this more often if there are additional people living in the house.

How Often Should You Clean the Bathroom Mirrors?

Fortunately, the bathroom mirror is a space where aesthetics are the priority. Mirrors are low-touch places, so they have a lower likelihood of spreading bacteria, even if they can catch bacteria from the sink or air.

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Mirrors don't need to be cleaned every day, but they’re easy to take care of when you’re cleaning everything else. Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaning spray to wipe down your mirrors. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to dry and polish the mirror for a completely streak-free finish.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bath Tub?

You should clean your bath tub regularly if it is used regularly. If your shower and tub are combined, clean the area once a week. If you use your tub infrequently, you should scrub it out before each use.

Your shower curtain should be cleaned often, ideally once a week. This will stop mildew from growing, which can potentially irritate your skin, eyes, and throat. Swapping your plastic shower curtains for a washable polyester one is a great way to make cleaning bathrooms easier.

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean Just Got Easier

While cleaning your bathroom is an important part of maintaining a healthy home, chores are chores. Inconveniently, your bathroom is where we go to be clean, yet it's a room that collects germs and dirt quickly. You can choose to clean the sink, linens, toilet, light switch, shower, floors, and mirror all at once or split them up throughout the week.

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