Restaurant Cleaning

Are you tired of restaurant cleaning extending your night? Do you wish you could open up a sparkling clean restaurant without the hassle of scrubbing after hours?

At Dazzle Cleaning, we understand. We want you to have more downtime without sacrificing the profit or cleanliness of your restaurant! That’s why our experienced and professional team of cleaners is here to help you with your to-do list.

Owning a restaurant is rewarding, but it’s an industry that produces a lot of mess and requires only the most meticulous cleaning. Our company strives to keep your restaurant clean and safe so that you can focus on the business!

Dazzle Cleaning is Ottawa’s premier cleaning service known for our excellent and detail-oriented team. We work tirelessly to provide a tailored cleaning experience for you. This personalized approach ensures that you are always satisfied with the state of your restaurant.

Read more about our company below and find out what makes us the premier cleaning company in Ottawa!

1. Scheduling

We know life can get busy these days. That’s why at Dazzle Cleaning, we work hard to provide a flexible schedule for you!

Our cleaners can come to your restaurant after closing, so you can go about your work day without having to adjust your schedule for us! When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about us getting in the way of your customers’ experience.

Then, you can open in the morning with a clean restaurant from the eating area to the kitchen! Alternatively, our cleaners can also come work during working hours. We want to tailor our services to whatever is most convenient for you and would work best for your business!

Depending on how often you would like your restaurant professionally cleaned, we offer a range of scheduling options. If you’re looking for a daily clean-up schedule, we are happy to set that up for you. Or, if you prefer, you can reach out to us for a single deep cleaning anytime you need.

There are no contracts or obligations when you work with us. Your convenience is our priority!

2. Trusted Cleaners

When you work with Dazzle Cleaning, we will only send the best cleaners to your restaurant. Every cleaner that we work with is insured and bonded, as your safety and peace of mind is a top priority for us!

In our extensive selection process, we make sure to do a background check on each and every cleaner we work with. We understand how important it is to have reliable and trustworthy people in your restaurant, and we want to make sure you feel as safe as possible when you work with us.

Our mission is to provide you with only the highest quality of services, so any cleaner we select will be trained and professional.

In our scheduling process, we aim to match you with the same cleaner every time you work with us. So, sit back and relax, and let our excellent cleaners take care of your restaurant!

3. Transparent Pricing Model

At Dazzle Cleaning, we want to make sure that you are always aware of how much you are paying for our cleaning services. That’s why we offer transparency in our pricing! When you work with us, we never want you to feel confused or surprised by our costs.

Our company charges hourly, so unlike other cleaning companies, we will not base our pricing on the size of your restaurant. You will always get the best rate possible when you work with us!

4. Tailored Cleaning Experience

Our cleaners know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their properties. To us, every restaurant and client is unique, and requires its own specific cleaning regimen apart from the typical cleaning checklist.

When you hire us, we ask that you leave us a checklist including everything you’d like us to pay special attention to or any specialized equipment that requires a different approach. We then work tirelessly to ensure that every task is done to perfection, just the way you like it!

5. Referral program

At Dazzle Cleaning, we want you, your employees, and your customers to experience the peace of mind that comes with an immaculate restaurant. That’s why we offer our excellent referral program to all our clients!

When you recommend our company to one of your friends, family members, or a fellow business owner, you will receive a discount off your next cleaning!

So, are you ready to focus on food and customer service instead of cleaning?

With Dazzle Cleaning, you can always enjoy a clean restaurant. Our goal is to take all of the overwhelming cleanings that are on your to-do list off of your hands, allowing you the time and freedom to ensure the restaurant excels.

Don’t worry about deep cleaning your oven or getting the dirt and grime out from under your stove, we will take care of it! Our cleaners are highly experienced and professional, ensuring that every corner of your restaurant is meticulously tidied.

When you hire us, you will receive a personalized cleaning service that focuses on your preferences above all else. We only utilize the supplies and products that you yourself would use, going above and beyond to make our clients comfortable.

Get your free time back and enjoy the best cleaning service that Ottawa has to offer by contacting Dazzle Cleaning today!