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Let Us Clean Your Manotick Home

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After an exhausting day at work, it’s refreshing to open your door to a spotless home. With Dazzle Cleaning, you can enjoy this wonderful feeling! When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about your evenings or weekends being spent in rubber gloves.

Dazzle Cleaning offers premier cleaning services. Our professional team is known in the Ottawa area for our personalized services. We easily adjust to each client’s schedule and tailor our services to their preferences.

If you’re thinking about hosting a party and feeling overwhelmed with the cleanup before and after, we’ll handle it for you! We have well-trained cleaning specialists equipped with the right skills.

About Our Cleaning Services

Flexible Scheduling

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day (or week)! Dazzle Cleaning gives you back a portion of your time by cleaning your Manotick home for you. You don’t have to worry since we can easily work around your availability. Whatever time you prefer, we’re open to it. You can also choose to be present or not during the service.

With so much on your plate, eliminating cleaning tasks can save you a lot of time. Some clients prefer to arrange a professional cleaning while they’re away so they can come home to a spotless house. Other clients want to be around during the cleanup and this is also welcomed. Whatever choice you make, you can rely on our superior cleaning services.

If you want to arrange a regular cleaning schedule, we make it easy to book recurring services. But if you’d like to try our services first or want a one-time cleaning service, we are more than happy to do what works for you!

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Trusted Cleaners

For our clients’ safety, Dazzle Cleaning ensures our professional cleaners are insured and bonded. There’s no need to stress since our team is reliable and fully committed to delivering excellent work. We understand the anxiety behind opening the doors for new people but we assure you that detailed background checking has been conducted on our cleaning specialists.

We prioritize your safety above all and value the trust you place in us. We have a team you can rely on and part of our strategy is matching the same cleaner every time you book. Our detailed process of selecting the best staff means you end up hiring competent, professional cleaners!

Transparent Pricing

We don’t do hidden fees and practice full transparency when it comes to our cleaning costs. Dazzle Cleaning offers clear prices to allow our clients to prepare their budgets beforehand.

Our rates are charged on an hourly basis compared to other cleaning companies, where fees are dependent on the size of the property. Our cleaning fees are reasonable, costing only $125 for a typical cleaning process of three hours. This is already an intensive home cleanup regardless of the square footage of your home.

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Tailored Cleaning Packages

Different properties will require unique cleaning methods. In addition, different clients will carry diverse cleaning standards and preferences. Dazzle Cleaning takes this into account and develops a personalized cleaning program for each Manotick homeowner.

By showing us your checklist of cleaning tasks, we can meet your specific standards and check off each item. We use your cleaning supplies to meet your preference and standards in cleaning your home.

Referral Program Discounts

We offer a win-win referral program where you earn a 25% discount on your next scheduled cleaning when you refer your family members and friends to Dazzle Cleaning.

What are you waiting for? Contact Dazzle Cleaning today and know that your home cleaning needs are attended to at your convenience. You can also relax knowing full well that we’re sending cleaning experts who have the essential skills to deliver a superb job. Your Manotick property size isn’t a factor since our cleaning service applies to the entirety of the home, making it an excellent value.

In a clean environment, you can always feel comfortable, safe, and healthy. This is even more essential if you’re living with people prone to allergies. Even when you’re busy, you can still benefit by hiring a trusted cleaning company such as Dazzle Cleaning to take on essential home cleaning. The time you save can be spent on other important activities and pursuits.

Take advantage of our services without compromising your cleaning standards!

About Manotick, Ontario

Manotick is a community in the rural region of Ottawa situated on the Rideau River. The community was established back in 1864 by Moss Kent Dickinson. The name Manotick was given by Dickinson and it came from the Algonquin word which means “island”.

An interesting thing to see in Manotick is Watson’s Mill. It’s one of the popular landmarks in the community and it’s often used to symbolize the village. As the only working museum in Ottawa, it is often the chosen site for various events.

It’s also one of the very few remaining industrial mills that continues to operate in North America. You can still purchase stone-ground whole wheat flour created here. The public is welcomed to Watson’s Mill in the summer months, especially on Sundays when milling demonstrations are conducted.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Apart from Manotick, Dazzle Cleaning also offers cleaning services to homes in New Edinburgh, Gloucester, Kanata, Richmond, Barrhaven, Orleans, Ottawa, Rockcliffe Park, Gatineau, Nepean, Island Park, Carp, West Carleton, The Glebe, Westboro, Greely, Richmond, Kinburn, South Keys, and more!