Why Hire Us

Do you love keeping your house clean, but have trouble finding the time to clean as often as you want to?

That’s where Dazzle Cleaning comes in!

Dazzle Cleaning is dedicated to helping you with all of your cleaning needs! Based in Ottawa, our team of professional cleaners provides a tailored approach to housekeeping. Our mission is simple: to clean your home with excellence, just how you like it!

When our cleaners are working, you can be sure that every corner of your home will be spotless. Not only that, but we only use cleaning products that you already own! With our personalized approach to house cleaning, you will always be in total control of which products are used in your home. We are dedicated to focusing on your preferences when we tidy your house, because we know that every home is unique and requires its own cleaning process.

Below, you will discover what makes Dazzle Cleaning the top choice for your household cleaning needs!

1. Benefit from a flexible schedule that caters to you!

At Dazzle Cleaning, we know that life can get busy. There always seems to be something to do or somewhere to be! That’s why it is our goal to provide a flexible schedule that caters to your specific needs.

If you are wanting us to provide frequent cleaning services in your home, we are happy to set up a recurring schedule that fits your needs. Alternatively, you can reach out to us for a single cleaning at any time. Whether you’re preparing for a dinner party or just have a busy week ahead of you, we are always here to take household cleaning tasks off of your hands. When you hire us, there is no need to be worried about contracts or obligations.

Additionally, we are able to come to your house and clean while you are away!

We know how stressful it can be to come home from a long day of hard work only to be met with an endless list of household chores. When you work with Dazzle Cleaning, we can do all the tidying while you are out of the house, so you can return and enjoy the rest of your day in your spotless home. Or, if you prefer, we can always clean your house while you are at home! Your comfort is our priority, and we will always work around your schedule!

2. Relax, knowing that our cleaners are bonded and insured.

When you work with Dazzle Cleaning, you never have to worry about your safety being overlooked!

When it comes to our cleaners, we are thorough in our selection process. Every cleaner that we work with is not only excellent at their job, but undergoes an extensive background check to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable. We know that it is crucial to be able to trust everyone who comes into your home, and you can rest knowing that we will only send you the best cleaners.

Due to our effective selection process, our cleaners are professional and highly trained. Further, we do our best to match you with the same cleaner every time you work with us. It is our goal to ensure that you and your home are safe at all times when you are working with us!

3. Forget about contracts and surprise costs

Our team wants you to always be aware of how much our services are costing you. That’s why our transparent pricing makes us a top contender when it comes to cleaning your home.

By hiring Dazzle Cleaning, you will never be caught off guard by surprise costs or unclear pricing. Unlike many cleaning companies, we charge by the hour, and we do not base our prices on how big your home is. Usually, our diligent and intensive cleaning process takes us around 3 hours, which costs $125.

4. Let us clean your home exactly to your liking!

Are you hesitant to hire someone to clean your home, worried that it will not be done to your standards? With Dazzle Cleaning, your preferences will always be the top priority in our cleaning process!

Our cleaners know that every home has different cleaning requirements, as everybody has their own preferences when it comes to how they tidy their space. When we come to clean your house, we request that a detailed list be provided of all the tasks you wish for us to complete. We then work diligently to ensure that every cleaning need is met, exactly to your liking.

Additionally, we do not bring our own cleaning supplies. Instead, we choose to use whatever products you already own, so you can rest knowing that your home is being cleaned to your exact preferences. At Dazzle Cleaning, we understand that cleaning your home requires its own unique approach, and our work reflects that! We put time and personal care into each and every task, ensuring that we do everything the way you would!

5. Receive discounts with our simple referral program

Along with our transparent and affordable pricing model, we also offer an excellent referral program to all of our clients!

When you recommend us to one of your loved ones, you will receive 25% off of your next cleaning. Your friends and family will love having their homes cleaned to perfection, and you will be able to enjoy your discount!

Do you wish you had more free time on your hands, yet always find yourself worrying about your to-do list?

With all these benefits, our company is sure to meet all of your household cleaning needs.

Here at Dazzle Cleaning, we want to give you your weekends back! It is our goal to let you sit back and relax while we diligently clean your home to perfection. From the busy professional to the stay-at-home parent, everyone deserves to come home to a freshly cleaned house!

With our excellent cleaners and personalized approach, your home will always be tidied exactly to your liking. Contact Dazzle Cleaning today!