How to Clean Your House Fast

Life becomes much easier if you learn to quickly clean your home. It reduces the amount of work you need to do and makes the regular deep clean a lot shorter. Most of us would like to learn how to clean our homes in two hours or less. You can cut down on the time you'd typically spend mopping the floors and scrubbing the toilet with the correct tools and a little planning.

The majority of folks are unsure whether to vacuum or dust first or whether it is best to clean the bathroom first or the kitchen first. This guide is based on our years of experience at Dazzle Cleaning, and it will help you get your house cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Don't clean the coffee table first, then the blinds just to have the dust from the blinds fall onto your freshly cleaned coffee table. To avoid doing work twice, start with dusting fans, shelves, and blinds and work your way down to the floor.

Cleaning from left to right, as opposed to flitting from area to area, guarantees that you cover the entire room. Working from top to bottom and from left to right saves time because you aren't re-cleaning anything. Systemized cleaning reduces time spent cleaning and guarantees quality work.

Person wearing pink gloves using a spray bottle to clean a windowsill

Walk Around Your House and Pick Up Trash

There is no better way to determine how much cleaning your house needs than to take a stroll through it. You should also take a plastic bag with you when you start going around. This way, if you come across any garbage or other junk that needs to be thrown out, you can pick it up, put it in the bag, and get rid of a lot of it before the cleaning even starts.

By taking the time to gather litter in the house, additional valuable time won't be lost later. Prior to beginning the major clean, you should complete any necessary dishes. The counters in your kitchen should be easy to clean because you don't want to stop mid-cleaning to move plates.

Put Items Back in Their Place

Plenty of common areas like the living room attract items that don’t belong there. Wine glasses, socks, and blankets should all be put back where they belong. Don't underestimate the effect a few seconds spent fluffing cushions, folding throw blankets, and straightening accent pillows can have on the appearance of your living area.

A quick and simple technique to make a room look organized is to square up stacks of magazines and books. Objects placed in their proper locations ensure that no room in the house is overstuffed with needless items, which reduces the time required to find these lost items.

Cozy living room with a fluffy white chair, light grey couch, and multiple rugs

Get Motivated

If you want to do a quick cleanup, don't take breaks to watch television or check your email. Even experienced cleaners should avoid getting distracted as they work. Keep your attention on cleaning up quickly by turning off the television and letting your phone go to voicemail.

Use the right motivators to keep cleaning sessions going. For an energy boost, turn on some energetic music. To keep yourself entertained, turn on an audiobook or podcast.

Teaming up with family or friends to clean might help you stay on track and reduce the monotony of a cleaning session. This is also a great way to teach your kids life skills like washing sheets and doing the dishes.

Gather the Necessary Equipment

Before you start cleaning a room, make sure you gather all the gear and tools that will allow you to finish your task in the shortest time possible.

We recommend that you get a caddy and fill it with all the necessary equipment that you need for every room. That way you won’t have to hunt for extra paper towels or stain remover and can easily have everything you need on hand.

Use the Right Products

Cleaning burnt-on oven spills, hard water deposits, or toilets requires using chemicals that make removing stains and muck easier. Before you start wiping counters, go around to all the areas that have difficult stains and use cleaners on those areas to give the chemicals time to soften and dissolve the stains.

Blue gloved hands spraying a bottle of cleaner and wiping down a counter with a paper towel

Apply the cleaners, then proceed with your other cleaning duties. When you return, you won't have to spend much time scrubbing because the stains will be easy to remove.

Remove Kitchen Grease

Kitchen cabinets, especially those above or next to the stove can gather grease and dust quite easily. To remove the grease, you can purchase a cleanser containing orange oil or use a regular dishwashing detergent with a grease-cutting ingredient.

Like it does with dishes, the detergent will cut through the oil on the cabinets. Warm water and one spoonful of liquid detergent should be combined. Baking soda and water can be used to gently scrub away difficult stains or buildup that won't come off with detergent.

To ensure the solution won't harm or fade the surface, test it in a hidden spot by rubbing it on with a clean sponge or cloth. Use a separate sponge and warm water to wash it off after that.

Hire a Cleaning Company

Cleaning your home regularly can be very labor intensive. However, everyone’s house needs a regular clean, so having a strategy can help make thoroughly cleaning your house much easier. Cleaning your home more often will ultimately reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning.

If you do a thorough cleaning at least once a month, a simple once-over every week will keep your home looking tidy. You can hire professional cleaners if you don't have the time to clean or find it to be a laborious process.

The team at Easy Clean is committed to assisting you with your cleaning needs! We offer a customizable and comprehensive housekeeping service. Our dependable cleaners will complete the task for you if you provide them with your schedule and a detailed list of what needs to be cleaned.